How to Apply For a Small Business Loan

How to Apply For a Small Business Loan

Applying for a Small Business Loan

Many small businesses are falling apart and are looking for ways to keep it running. Some have considered applying for grants but it is just not reachable for the present economic times. But some banks and other institutions are considering small businesses for loans. There are items a business owner must know before applying for the loan and how to apply.

Before Hand

The owner should like up a business plan and have all financial statements readily available. A normal business plan includes the exact purpose, what is to come revenue and expense wise, and how the business will prosper with the use of the loan. All personal financial records need to be gathered. Even though personal credit and finances are separated from the business the lender needs to be ensured that have people with a good financial status to make payments. The purpose of the loan needs to be clear. A financial institution is not going to give out a loan for nothing. They need to know exactly what the loan will be used for. For most small business loans collateral is a must. Assets such as equipment or land are often used for collateral. The financial institution needs to be sure that if a loan is not paid there will be back to pay it off. Lastly, before applying for a loan the owner should be well aware of the costs and payment plan. The payment needs to fit the budget of the business or it will fall apart.


Numerous business owners do not have a clue on how to apply for a small business loan but want to make sure it is done properly. Having the paperwork, such as financial statements, the cover letter with the purpose of the loan, accurate and organized is the first step. Reviewing and prioritizing the stacks of paperwork will show that the business owner is well organized and the financial institution will spend less time shuffling papers. The owner should not meet with only one financial institution. Financial institutions all have different loan rates and upfront costs. Researching several institutions is highly recommended. Once all the paperwork is together and several financial institutions have been selected, filling out the loan application completely should be priority. They do not want to see incomplete work and will just toss aside the application not even considering the business for a loan. Alongside the application, a cover sheet should be attached with all the company’s vital information. Obtaining a few letters of recommendation could play a huge role in gaining the small business loan. These letters prove how well the owner is knowledgeable in the business and how long they have been involved. Some financial institutions return the loan paperwork and application due to wanting more information. This does not mean the loan was not accepted. The institution just wants verify more before taking on the small business.


After hours of complying and organizing paperwork, settling on a financial institution and considering costs the extra work was all worth it in the end. It may pose a little difficult but with the right resources and knowledge the process is made easier.

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